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The Best Winter Clothing of 2015

Eat Drink Travel and Green Moxie took our gear to Finland, Ireland, and Northern Ontario where it was subjected to everything from reindeer safaris to dog sledding to scary-ass cliff walks. We also took it winter camping in Northern Ontario, so you know it’s got you covered when you need it the most. Here is the best winter clothing of 2015 that we tested: Continue Reading →

Sprouted grains

Baby Got Bread!

I like to know what goes into my food, and try to buy healthy and fresh products. But these days, it’s hard to be sure. All kinds of crap are added during production and it’s difficult to know how food gets from the farm to the table.

Recently, the gluten-free movement has been sounding alarm bells about processed wheat, rye and other grains, raising concerns about its digestibility and nutritional value (or lack thereof). Some people are even cutting carbs and grains from their diets altogether.

But here’s the good news: you don’t have to!

Enter sprouted grains, the newest celeb in the slow food movement. Continue Reading →

Photo: CEphoto, Uwe Aranas via Wikimedia Commons

Avoiding International Bathroom Emergencies: A Traveller’s Guide

When you’re on the road, shit happens. But do you know what causes Traveller’s Diarrhea and how to keep it out of your carry-on luggage?

A recent survey indicates that most Canadians (79%) are unaware of the possible causes, risks, or symptoms associated with illness. We can navigate remote roads and tap into foreign Wifi connections like a Jedi…but we’re ignorant about preventing an international bathroom emergency?

Let’s take a moment to review where E.Coli hangs out, and how to keep it out of your carry-on luggage: Continue Reading →