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Jerk Chicken and Beyond! Jamaican Eats in Montego Bay

When conjuring up images of Jamaica, too often people envision patches of “safe” resorts peppered between territories riddled with violence. Before finding an inexpensive flight to Montego Bay, my travel companion and I were a touch nervous, having succumbed to the common perception of the sunny island. After hemming and hawing, we decided we would risk it and booked ourselves into hostel. Thank heavens we did, because we would have missed out on, well, pretty much everything.

Once we arrived we saw the parade of folk headed towards their walls of safety; every adventurous bone stamped out of them. Fortunately, we tucked into some fantastic, non-resort food that won’t leave you disappointed. Here’s a wee guide for the adventure seekers and resort haters eating in the Montego or MoBay area. Continue Reading →

Blue Lagoon, Iceland

24 Hour Stopover: Reykjavik, Iceland

When a friend insisted that I hop overseas to experience a proper Scottish ceilidh for New Years Eve, it proved too irresistible to turn down. To be honest, I’ll take any excuse to travel.

Of course, flights to Europe are never cheap; however, Icelandair’s carrot at the, erm, middle of the stick — a stopover! — made all the spending seem worth it. Here’s how to spend a 24 hour stopover in Reykjavík, Iceland: Continue Reading →