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IBEROSTAR Grand Paraiso, Mexico

Reluctantly Off-Resort in Mexico: A Mayan Riviera Adventure

At seven am the phone rings lifting me out of a food-induced sleep. Day five of my luxury getaway on the Mayan Riviera is dawning and I am beyond irritated to receive an early morning phone call during my fancy-lady escape from reality. My opulent room comes into focus through my one opened eye. Face glued to the pillow, I reach for the phone, clear my throat and prepare to mutter, “No,” and hang up. Continue Reading →

Whirlpool Restaurant, Niagara Parks

Niagara Reimagined: This Ain’t No Grade School Getaway

Beyond the rushing falls and flashing casinos lay Ontario’s only 56-kilometer outdoor adventure museum. A collection of parks, gardens, cycling and hiking trails; Niagara Parks is changing the way visitors experience the historic and picturesque region.

With its gorgeous scenery, top notch eats, outdoor adventures, and of course natural wonders, Niagara is the perfect getaway for active travellers. This trip turned from wine sipping and wax museums to unexplored wonders all skipped on my 8th grade class trip. Continue Reading →

The Islands of Fort Myers and Sanibel, South West Florida

Island Hopping in South West Florida

After a two-hour flight from Toronto and I find myself on the islands of South-West Florida. Known as Captiva, Sanibel, and Cabbage Key, these islands encircle central Fort Myers where long white sandy beaches await laid-back, sun-seekers like me. Rich with natural beauty and legendary tales of pirates, poets, and naturists, I set out to explore the region’s best in island hopping adventures.
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TOMS, Shoes, Sneakers and Bags

TOMS About Town: Summer in the City with TOMS Shoes

The long weekend is upon us, friends. And though this hot holiday seems to mark the beginning of the end, rest assured, there is still a lot summer left. You have plenty of time to get out and enjoy patios, parks and warm summer nights. And with all that day seizing left to do, you’ll need some summer gear.

Because we’re ethical, conscientious travellers we’re filling some of our summer city gear needs with TOMS. That’s right, I took TOMS about town to see how their shoes bags and glasses hold up to the rigours of summer in the city. Continue Reading →

Sunset on the Private Terrace

Melenos, Lindos Boutique Hotel: A Collector’s Love Letter

On the island of Rhodes, Greece sits a luxurious boutique hotel. It rests beautifully beneath the ancient Byzantine temple Athena (circa 10th century BC) overlooking the Aegean Sea. Melenos is a collection of exclusive suites and villas where guests can experience serene sophistication lovingly conceptualized and meticulously curated by owner and collector Michalis Melenos. A collector of art and ancient artifacts, Michalis built Melenos to so guests from around the world could enjoy his pieces discovered during his many journeys of Greece, Turkey and the Middle East. Continue Reading →

Israeli hummus

Delicious Israel: Making Food Memories Off the Beaten Path

When I was little, my grandmother would make Yorkshire pudding on special occasions. Whipped up on the spot, she made them from memory, from scratch and with love. She is gone now, but the tastes of her Yorkshire pudding’s crunchy tops and savoury centres remain as vivid in my mind as her jokes and hugs.

This kind of taste and emotional recollection is what I like to call a food memory. These are memories that haul us back to the intersection of delicious food, tradition and love, and leave us with phantom tastes in our mouths.

But what if you could preserve your food memories? Keep them real and alive for everyone to enjoy.

This is exactly what Tel Aviv-based Delicious Israel, is doing for locals and visitors to food memory-rich Israel. Continue Reading →

Photo Courtesy of Ryan Edwardson

Gearing up for “Canada’s Tiny, Perfect Festival”: The Dawson City Music Festival

Up in the Yukon town of Dawson city, the summer is short. The snow and ice hang around town until about May. But once warmer weather finally hits there’s only one thing to do: party until the first leaf drops. And there’s no better way to make hay while the sun shines than to revel in the Dawson City Music Festival. Continue Reading →

Victory at the top of the Midnight Dome

Strange Things Run in the Midnight Sun: Five Reasons to Brave Dawson City’s Midnight Dome Race

In the northwestern corner of the Yukon Territory sits historic and lively Dawson City. Once the urban city-center for starry-eyed prospectors during the Klondike Gold Rush, Dawson has maintained its intrigue and endured as a top tourist destination all these years later. In the summer months, visitors can take advantage of the town’s jam-packed schedule, which includes the legendary Dawson City Music Festival, historic Discovery Days and a thrice-nightly can-can cabaret at Diamond Tooth Gertie’s Gambling Hall.

But there’s one event that can transform fun-loving tourists into hard-core (nearly) locals: the Dawson City Midnight Dome Race. Continue Reading →

A Food Adventure in the Yukon Territory

Eats, Treats and Brews at 64 Degrees North: Food Adventures in the Yukon Territory

The Yukon Territory is a physical place. The landscape is vast, the climate is unpredictable and the midnight sun will have you going ‘til dawn. There are rivers to run, mountains to climb and trails to travel all the way from Whitehorse to Old Crow. And if you go the distance (and the altitude) across this spectacular place, you’re going to need something to eat! Continue Reading →

Breakfast at Cassis, Jaffa (Tel Aviv)

Going on Eat-About: The Tastiest Street Food, Shuks and Restaurants of Tel Aviv, Israel

When I travel I like to do what I call “going on eat-about.” It’s a combo of eating any local food that appeals to you without restriction (Eat), and exploring the city on foot so as to be affected by its essence (Australian Walkabout).

When I announced my trip to Tel Aviv, Israel more than a few people told me the food would be a highlight. How right they were. The bread, the veggies and hummus are all so good I found myself asking, “Why are we eating what is comparatively garbage in North America?” Food crisis aside, here are a few highlights from the feast in the Middle East. Continue Reading →

Absinthe Fire cocktail in Banff Alberta

Come on Baby Light My (Banff Cocktail) on Fire!

At the Balkan Restaurant in Banff, Alberta, drinks are conceptualized by mad scientist, Matthew Hendricks, the restaurant’s head Mixologist. Hendricks uses creativity (and fire!) to bring unique cocktails to even the most discerning drinkers.

Their menu has at least 25 drinks cocktails available at all times and a team of (good looking) bartenders at the ready to make them. At The Balkan, juices and syrups are made from scratch onsite along with massive deoxygenated ice cubes—I’ll get to those in a minute. Continue Reading →

Sandals Resorts steakhouse

Around the World in 9 Dining Experiences: Discovery Dining at Sandals La Source Grenada

What makes a vacation great? Well, that’s a matter of taste. But no matter what you’re into any trip that falls short in the culinary department leaves the bad taste in your mouth. No one wants a bad glass of wine and after a day on slopes or cardboard burger and yuck-sauce beer after a grueling hike. For ocean lovers, a beautiful beach is important but bad food is a real buzz-kill. And at Sandals LaSource Grenada, they know that amazing meals are the magic ingredient that transforms a great vacation into a wonderful memory. Continue Reading →

Fleur du Cap wine

Summer Wine Series: Fleur Du Cap 2012 Chardonnay

Oh my gosh, you guys! Summer is winding down. It’s late August and it won’t be long before it’s all “I love your sweater”, and “those boots are amazing”. But before we bid adieu to the dog days of summer, we have to wrap up the EDT summer wine series. And what better way to do it than with a tropical tasting chardonnay from Fleur Du Cap? So let’s have just one more before you turn over that summer wardrobe. Continue Reading →