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Best coffee in Buenos Aires? Lattente Cappuccio in Buenos Aires

Three Lies About Breakfast in Buenos Aires

Visiting Buenos Aires? Chances are, you’ve just had a big night out.

A wine bar? A closed door restaurant? A steak place? Dinner in Argentina runs from 9 pm to 1 am, and the night has just begun. You’ve got to hit the late night scene after that. The bars open sometime after 2:00am, with the really good “early bird” deals and free drinks available until 3 am.

Then the crowds start to pour in, the tunes kick into high gear, and everyone dances until…well, sometime after the sun comes up. If this is the case then, you’re going to be famished. And let’s be honest – hung over and craving a good old North American dirty breakfast of eggs benedict, bacon, and the greasy works. Not to mention coffee that’ll really knock your socks off.

Of course, you may have heard a few myths about BA brunch culture…which we’re about to bust right now. Continue Reading →

Graffiti art Buenos Aires

Italian Food Week in Beautiful Buenos Aires, Argentina

The city of Buenos Aires hosted its annual Italian Food Week in of May 2014. In Argentina, the Italian influence is everywhere—the food, the fashion, the hand gestures and the futbol. And there is plenty of modern day evidence that descendants’ of immigrants who came to Buenos Aires in the 1900s are flourishing. 45 different restaurants participate in this annual week of foodie heaven featuring special menus, special prices and special events. It’s reasonably priced: three course lunches in the 10 dollar range and three course dinners in the 20 dollar range. Who could resist? I was lucky enough to get out to sample a bit of what the city had to offer. Continue Reading →

Astor menu date stamp (800x598)

A Culinary Bright Light in Buenos Aires: Astor Bistro

On the outer edge of the trendy Palermo Hollywood neighbourhood, you’ll find Astor Bistro – a humble restaurant tucked into a side street of Buenos Aires, Argentina. But don’t judge the restaurant by its small size: this one’s a keeper. Astor’s Chef/Owner, Antonio Soriano, has spent years training and working in high end locales around … Continue Reading →

Wine tasting in Buenos Aires

The Secret Food World of Buenos Aires

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from living in Buenos Aires, it’s that this city is full of contradictions.

Consider the dining world of Buenos Aires. Renowned for incredible steak houses, waiters in white gloves serve top grilled sirloin (‘bife de chorizo’) to patrons with a flourish of pomp and ceremony. But outside, there’s street meat galore. A choripan vendor will hand you the most delicious chorizo sausage sandwich of your life, but without the epicurean frills of the steakhouse. Continue Reading →