Northern Lights

Winter Adventures in Finland’s Lapland

Every February, the winter blues set in and your misguided optimism about “embracing the cold” has petered out. You’re watching reruns of Jeopardy in your jammies, while wondering what flavour of pizza you will be ordering (Hawaiian) and eating the Valentine’s chocolates you bought for special someone like a drugged-out woodchuck.

Well, not this year adventure seeker! Grab your snow pants and get off the couch because we are going to Finland’s Arctic. Continue Reading →

Dog sledding in the Yukon

That Time I Went Dog Sledding in the Yukon

Last winter, I travelled up north to the Yukon Territory in Canada. This far north, the air is rarified indeed and the truly stunning landscape takes your breath every time you step outside or catch a glimpse of it through an open window. The air is frosty, but the people are toasty and so welcoming that it soon warms the cockles and biggest danger isn’t frost bite: it’s that once you set foot in the Yukon, you may never want to leave.

And what’s one of the best ways to winter activities in the Yukon? Dog sledding, of course! Continue Reading →

Yukon's Kluane National Park

Are you a Traveller or a Tourist?

If you dream of setting foot on distant shores, of strolling beneath foreign stars or if you can’t wait to pack a bag and leave behind the familiar and the comfortable, then you, kindred soul, are a traveler.

There are bits of me all over the world; nail clippings in Taiwan, hair in Oman and skin cells in over 82 countries. It’s not that I mean to leave a piece of myself wherever I go, but every place we travel is touched by our passing as we are altered by it. This is the life of a traveler.

There is a very big difference between a traveler and a tourist. A tourist is one who wants to do the same things they do back home, just in a different location. A traveler walks with respect and tries to experience that which makes their new destination unique. They talk to the locals, try new things, taste the food and learn a few phrases in a different language-they relish new experiences. Continue Reading →

Bombay Peggy's, Dawson City, Yukon

There’s Nothing You Can’t Do in a (Yukon) Klondike Bar

The Yukon is a place of extremes. It is one of the last vestiges of the truly wild and free. From breathtaking beauty to harsh winters, it takes some moxie to make it in Canada’s Far North. The brave few who call this home have to work hard and play hard too…sometimes blowing off steam in the bars. If you’ve got what it takes to make it in the rarefied air of Dawson City, there are plenty of shenanigans afoot* in these Klondike bars. Continue Reading →


Thaw Di Gras Festival in Dawson City

Seeking a truly northern experience, I travelled to Dawson City during winter while the weather was at its North-iest. Okay, so not the -40 Ned Stark-approved dead cold of winter, more like the tail end when the warmer weather makes it easy to be outside. I know this is not a popular time to travel North, but baby it should be! You get the unique snow-covered beauty of the Yukon winter and the warm hospitality of the locals all to yourself. Continue Reading →

Bone in Pork Belly from Briggs and Kitchen

The Culinary Wonders of Calgary

Whenever I set off to a new destination, I like to do a little word-association test with friends, family and a couple of complete strangers thrown in for good measure. It helps to better orient my piece if I understand the existing landscape. On doing research for my recent fine dining tour of Calgary, it … Continue Reading →

ki modern japanese + bar (3)

Feng Shui Sushi at Ki Modern Japanese & Bar

I have always admired the Japanese focus on form; everything is carefully considered, and immaculately designed to create the perfect balance. It’s this simple elegance that Ki Modern Japanese and Bar has managed to encapsulate. From their chic entrance on 181 Bay Street, Toronto, where hand blown tentacles reach out to welcome you, to the … Continue Reading →