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Booze and VD

“I’m not humorless but using sex to sell alcohol is a little trite and boring.” Food writer Robert Hudder gives his two awesome cents on booze marketing…as well as some unconventional Valentine’s Day cocktail ideas. Continue Reading →


World of Whisky: An Intercontinental Whisky Tour at The Forth, Toronto

Scotch from Scotland is always the first thing that crosses my mind when I hear whisky. That connection has been broken for me due to this event. For the first time this year, Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible 2015, has not a Scotch in the top five.

Both the Scottish and the Greeks claim to invented the whiskey world, so it is no surprise that on a cold Thursday evening, I found myself attending the World of Whisky event at The Forth on the Danforth. I could tell you all about an event that passed in breathless language in such a way that would make you wish you were there but I’m not about inducing jealousy. Instead, what knowledge I learned about world whisky and food pairings, I’ll share. Continue Reading →

Innis and Gunn Christmas Cocktail

Five Festive Beer Cocktails with Scottish Ale

The holiday season brings out the best and worst in humankind. We celebrate by sharing “cheer” with our friends as they come in the door from the cold with a warming drink. Sometimes, we appreciate those punchbowls as a way to survive the holidays. Whichever type of cheerful person you are, we have a cup for you.

We were reminded of our obligation to turn away from our inner Grinches by receiving three recipes from Innis & Gunn, which we promptly tried, and thought up two more to help you through the winter and holiday season.
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Braai Day BBQ

How to Host a Kickass South African-Style Braai Party

To host a successful Braai Day, the first thing to do is to figure out what it is. In case you haven’t heard, Braai Day is a South African national holiday inspired by the spirit of barbeque and celebrates multiculturalism. Braai is also the Afrikaan term for barbeque – a popular pastime in South Africa (note to self: add South Africa to travel bucket list).

South Africa celebrates Heritage Day on September 24 — and to celebrate, some African wineries are hoping that you take up the tradition and host a Canada Braai Day party. Here’s how to throw a kickass Braai Day party. Continue Reading →