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Lanterns in the Grand Bazaar Istanbul

Beyond the Beach in Istanbul: A Photo Essay

Welcome to part two of our Istanbul series. This time we explore the sights, sounds and tastes of this historic destination.

Of course, the main reason most visitors head to Istanbul is to take in the city’s incredible history and culture. Sites like the Blue Mosque and Grand Bazaar are iconic landmarks, as recognizable around the globe as the Eiffel Tower, but with centuries more of history behind them. After all, from Constantinople to Istanbul, this is a city that has witnessed the rise and fall of multiple empires, that has been both Christian and Muslim, Ottomon and Byzantine. Continue Reading →

Blue Mosque in Istanbul

Downtown and Island Bound in Istanbul

It’s just after 6pm on a Tuesday in Istanbul. The line of traffic snakes down Kemeralti Caddesi, workers all heading toward the Bosphorus Bridge to take them out of the city’s downtown European core and home to the primarily residential Asian side. It’s rush hour, but it could really be any time of day—such is the downfall of being Europe’s most populated city (15 million as of 2013), along the banks of one of the city’s iconic slivers of water. Istanbul is, after all, the only city in the world to balance on the edge of two continents. The beautiful Bosphorus Strait divides the city in half, meaning it’s literally possible to stand in Europe and gaze at Asia or, like many of Istanbul’s residents, make the daily commute between continents. Continue Reading →