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Getting a Food High in the Rockies

Perched on mountainsides, skiers and snowboarders chomp on buffalo burgers and sweet potato fries – without a thought to how this food gets to such high altitudes.

Guests have had to endure snowy highways, sludgy car parks and liftlines to get skiing. But resorts typically handle the catering logistics so seamlessly that guests usually don’t even see the challenges in delivering fresh fare to high altitude restaurants. Add to this the recent trend towards gentrifying ski hill fare over the past few years, and there are some very unique culinary challenges especially in remote resorts in Canada.

So how do high altitude restaurants get their food supplies to the top of the mountain? Continue Reading →

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Where Can You Find A Beef Aging Chamber in Toronto? Head to Michael’s on Simcoe

As if there wasn’t enough happening on King West to keep us busy – there’s yet another gourmet restaurant to try. Well, if you can get reservations, that is. Michael’s on Simcoe has become a hot spot for the theatre crowd and the Toronto International Film Festival. This year at TIFF, the restaurant hosted celebrity events and even scored a mention in People Magazine. Continue Reading →