Seychelles by Didier Baertschiger

That Time We Visited An Island Paradise: Seychelles

Seychelles – it’s as good as it looks.

Before I book a beach holiday, the first thing I do is search google images for photos. I usually find hammocks with palm trees, smiling couples drinking Pina Coladas (these drinks of course won’t have any effect on their 6-packs), and beaches with sand so white, it could be mistaken for snow.

But when you get to the actual resort, it doesn’t always look like the pictures on the internet. Seychelles, is an exception to this conundrum. My photographs from this island off the coast of Africa don’t even touch the surface of the how crystal blue the water appears. Continue Reading →


Ethiopia?! Yes, Ethiopia. Right Now.

Close your eyes for a second, and picture Ethiopia. What did you see?

I bet you three bucks you’re wrong. I’m willing to wage such high stakes given all the people that scrunched up their faces and went “Really, why would you want to go there?” as if I had blurted out that I wanted to visit downtown Baghdad. And I get it, I really had no idea what Ethiopia was either. I had the Bob Geldof songs in my head from the Live Aid efforts in the 80s, I’d seen the heartbreaking charity commercials that make you uncomfortably change channels. Dry, dusty, dismal.

Despite my impression of Ethiopia, I was still desperately curious and inexplicably smitten. Ethiopia had been whispering my name for years. I can’t explain it – my travel cravings have always been based on a gut feeling colliding with my insatiable curiosity. I just knew I had to see it. Continue Reading →

St. Georges

Dancing the Night Away in Lalibela, Ethiopia

I was doomed from the very first moment I saw him.

It was late, the sky was inky black, and I was wandering alone through a sleepy village, lost. In Africa. Lalibela, Ethiopia to be precise. Oh so lovely Lalibela. I had ached to see Lalibela for years, a result of a couch bound weekend of pouting over lost love. The television, in an effort to console me, tempted me with pictures about not just Africa, not just Ethiopia, but LALIBELA. I’m not yelling, sometimes I feel like it deserves to be written in capital letters, and bowed down to. Continue Reading →