Photo: New Brunswick Tourism, Canada

A Foodie’s Tour of Fundy in New Brunswick

With access to the Appalachians, a series of major river systems, and coasts to the east and the south, New Brunswick is made for road tripping. The province is only around 28,000 square miles (73,000 square kilometers) so it’s easy to get from one place to the other—even with frequent stops.

On my recent trip on the Fundy Coastal Drive, I found myself signaling right to sample chocolates, lobster, smoked salmon, poutine, blueberry wine, and more. The route, which takes you from Moncton near the east to St. Stephen on the southwestern tip (and close enough to the border with Maine to ping their cell towers), is loaded with things to eat. Here’s a (non-exhaustive) guide to grazing. Continue Reading →

O'Haras Stout

Toronto Festival of Beer rejoices in the coming of Irish Craft Beer to Canada

“You can’t choose your family but you can choose your beer,” joked Padraig Fox, Export Manager for Rye River Brewing Company, in conveying the tagline for McGargles Irish Family Brewing. The beers, deftly personified by caricatures of a dysfunctional family, range from the elder matron Granny Mary (Red Ale) to hipster Cousin Rosie (Pale Ale). A very modern advertising approach that stands out in a beer field traditionally branded with stereotypical harps and shamrocks.
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Photo: Ryan Edwardson

Dakhká Khwáan Dancers Kick Off Opening Night Showcase for Pan Am Games

Last night, dozens of First Nation and Métis performers from across the country officially opened the Aboriginal Pavilion for the 2015 Pan Am/Parapan Am Games. With multiple stages, food vendors, and a marketplace, the Pavilion—located at the Fort York National Historic Site at the foot of Strachan just north of Lakeshore Boulevard—promises to be a key family-friendly site during the event. Continue Reading →

Photo Courtesy of Ryan Edwardson

Gearing up for “Canada’s Tiny, Perfect Festival”: The Dawson City Music Festival

Up in the Yukon town of Dawson city, the summer is short. The snow and ice hang around town until about May. But once warmer weather finally hits there’s only one thing to do: party until the first leaf drops. And there’s no better way to make hay while the sun shines than to revel in the Dawson City Music Festival. Continue Reading →

Victory at the top of the Midnight Dome

Strange Things Run in the Midnight Sun: Five Reasons to Brave Dawson City’s Midnight Dome Race

In the northwestern corner of the Yukon Territory sits historic and lively Dawson City. Once the urban city-center for starry-eyed prospectors during the Klondike Gold Rush, Dawson has maintained its intrigue and endured as a top tourist destination all these years later. In the summer months, visitors can take advantage of the town’s jam-packed schedule, which includes the legendary Dawson City Music Festival, historic Discovery Days and a thrice-nightly can-can cabaret at Diamond Tooth Gertie’s Gambling Hall.

But there’s one event that can transform fun-loving tourists into hard-core (nearly) locals: the Dawson City Midnight Dome Race. Continue Reading →

A Food Adventure in the Yukon Territory

Eats, Treats and Brews at 64 Degrees North: Food Adventures in the Yukon Territory

The Yukon Territory is a physical place. The landscape is vast, the climate is unpredictable and the midnight sun will have you going ‘til dawn. There are rivers to run, mountains to climb and trails to travel all the way from Whitehorse to Old Crow. And if you go the distance (and the altitude) across this spectacular place, you’re going to need something to eat! Continue Reading →


World of Whisky: An Intercontinental Whisky Tour at The Forth, Toronto

Scotch from Scotland is always the first thing that crosses my mind when I hear whisky. That connection has been broken for me due to this event. For the first time this year, Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible 2015, has not a Scotch in the top five.

Both the Scottish and the Greeks claim to invented the whiskey world, so it is no surprise that on a cold Thursday evening, I found myself attending the World of Whisky event at The Forth on the Danforth. I could tell you all about an event that passed in breathless language in such a way that would make you wish you were there but I’m not about inducing jealousy. Instead, what knowledge I learned about world whisky and food pairings, I’ll share. Continue Reading →


Checking In: Au Vaillantbourg B&B in Quebec’s Eastern Townships

As a long time traveller to far-flung places, I’ve had few occasions to stay in a proper bed-and-breakfast. Tents, cabins and the homes of welcoming locals are all forms of shelter used by those of us who wander the lonely edges of the world. Traditional B&B’s, especially those of the Little House on the Prairie variety, seldom materialize on such journeys.

But on a recent foray into the overgrown fringes of Quebec’s Eastern townships, I stumbled upon one. And it was hard to avert my gaze from Au Vaillantbourg B&B. Continue Reading →


MONTREAL EN LUMIÈRE: Not Your Ordinary Winter Festival

Sixteen years ago Montréal introduced a festival that would make people love winter again. Today, it’s a 10-day city-wide extravaganza attracting visitors from around the world. The sheer number of culinary events, art exhibitions, and live performances can be boggling (pro tip: create a personalized itinerary on the official website), and this is not even taking into account all there is to see in the gorgeous and historic city of Montréal. Continue Reading →

Dog sledding in the Yukon

That Time I Went Dog Sledding in the Yukon

Last winter, I travelled up north to the Yukon Territory in Canada. This far north, the air is rarified indeed and the truly stunning landscape takes your breath every time you step outside or catch a glimpse of it through an open window. The air is frosty, but the people are toasty and so welcoming that it soon warms the cockles and biggest danger isn’t frost bite: it’s that once you set foot in the Yukon, you may never want to leave.

And what’s one of the best ways to winter activities in the Yukon? Dog sledding, of course! Continue Reading →

Absinthe Fire cocktail in Banff Alberta

Come on Baby Light My (Banff Cocktail) on Fire!

At the Balkan Restaurant in Banff, Alberta, drinks are conceptualized by mad scientist, Matthew Hendricks, the restaurant’s head Mixologist. Hendricks uses creativity (and fire!) to bring unique cocktails to even the most discerning drinkers.

Their menu has at least 25 drinks cocktails available at all times and a team of (good looking) bartenders at the ready to make them. At The Balkan, juices and syrups are made from scratch onsite along with massive deoxygenated ice cubes—I’ll get to those in a minute. Continue Reading →

Snowy Vancouver

Five Things to Love About Vancouver’s Food Scene

Let’s face it: Vancouver’s stunning scenery and love of green space is almost enough to make us don some Lululemon gear and become green gurus. In Vancouver, “local”, “eco-conscious” and “sustainable” aren’t just PR words — it’s a way of life.

Next time you’re on Canada’s West Coast, take some time to explore Vancouver’s Foodie Trail and you’ll discover more than just leafy greens and fruit smoothies. Here are five things to love about Vancouver’s food scene: Continue Reading →

Ski Lake Louise

Hit the Slopes of Lake Louise

From opening day in November, Lake Louise is a magnet for mainstay mountain lovers, eager to take advantage of the sensational six-month season. After a six months abstinence from the addictive sport, everyone relishes the face-numbing frigid fresh air on the quad, the whoosh of speed, legs dangling and windchill infiltrating miniscule gaps in hats and helmets. Continue Reading →