Long May Your Big Jib Draw! St. John’s, Newfoundland

  Newfoundland had long whispered my name. I can’t decide whether it was the foggy, jagged coastlines, bohemian-coloured homes, witty humour, or I-have-no-idea-what-he-just-said colloquialisms, but I got myself sucked right in. And yep, I even kissed a giant dead fish. I’m not exactly sure why, but I blame the Screech. Oh, the Screech. It was … Continue Reading →

Veal Tenderloin (598x800)

Getting a Food High in the Rockies

Perched on mountainsides, skiers and snowboarders chomp on buffalo burgers and sweet potato fries – without a thought to how this food gets to such high altitudes.

Guests have had to endure snowy highways, sludgy car parks and liftlines to get skiing. But resorts typically handle the catering logistics so seamlessly that guests usually don’t even see the challenges in delivering fresh fare to high altitude restaurants. Add to this the recent trend towards gentrifying ski hill fare over the past few years, and there are some very unique culinary challenges especially in remote resorts in Canada.

So how do high altitude restaurants get their food supplies to the top of the mountain? Continue Reading →

Jean Talon Market Montreal

A Food Tour of Montreal’s Little Italy & Jean Talon Market

Most visitors to Montreal are well aware of the city’s lively culinary scene. Foodies gravitate to Downtown Montreal and the Old City to feast in cafes and restaurants. But have you ever considered starting your food journey outside of the downtown core?

On this food tour with Fitz & Fowell, discover one of Montreal’s most captivating culinary neighbourhoods – Little Italy and the Jean Talon Market. Continue Reading →

Montreal Botanical Garden

Exploring Plant Sculptures at the Montreal Botanical Garden

Visiting Montreal this summer? Here’s some radical travel advice: take a break from the outdoor music festivals, and head to the Montreal Botanical Gardens. So landscaped bushes and flower beds may not seem as exciting as a shopping spree at Simon’s. But this is not your average tourist attraction. It’s a socially and environmentally conscious urban hike … Continue Reading →