Noah in the pool by miriam porter

Checking In: Melia Nassau Beach Hotel

It’s 6am and I suddenly wake up to the wind blowing lightly on my face. Then I hear the ocean waves lapping against the shore and I start smiling. I am not sure if it’s a dream or it’s really happening because it is just that awesome. I look to my left and see my son Noah sleeping soundly wrapped in a white comforter in the big cozy bed next to mine. I sleepily look to my right and immediately freeze.

It’s definitely real! I am in paradise, otherwise known as the Melia Nassau Beach. Continue Reading →

Photo: glennia

Jerk Chicken and Beyond! Jamaican Eats in Montego Bay

When conjuring up images of Jamaica, too often people envision patches of “safe” resorts peppered between territories riddled with violence. Before finding an inexpensive flight to Montego Bay, my travel companion and I were a touch nervous, having succumbed to the common perception of the sunny island. After hemming and hawing, we decided we would risk it and booked ourselves into hostel. Thank heavens we did, because we would have missed out on, well, pretty much everything.

Once we arrived we saw the parade of folk headed towards their walls of safety; every adventurous bone stamped out of them. Fortunately, we tucked into some fantastic, non-resort food that won’t leave you disappointed. Here’s a wee guide for the adventure seekers and resort haters eating in the Montego or MoBay area. Continue Reading →

Sandals Resorts steakhouse

Around the World in 9 Dining Experiences: Discovery Dining at Sandals La Source Grenada

What makes a vacation great? Well, that’s a matter of taste. But no matter what you’re into any trip that falls short in the culinary department leaves the bad taste in your mouth. No one wants a bad glass of wine and after a day on slopes or cardboard burger and yuck-sauce beer after a grueling hike. For ocean lovers, a beautiful beach is important but bad food is a real buzz-kill. And at Sandals LaSource Grenada, they know that amazing meals are the magic ingredient that transforms a great vacation into a wonderful memory. Continue Reading →

Sandals St. Lucia sushi

A Culinary Journey at Sandals St. Lucia

As a world traveller, I’m always on the hunt for a genuine dining experience. Exploring cuisine is one of the best ways to learn about other cultures. On the road, I want to taste local ingredients, meet the cooks, and hear stories and traditions associated with the dishes.

I never expected to experience this at an all-inclusive resort. But Sandals has created a culinary expedition with its Discovery Dining concept. Continue Reading →

Sandals St. Lucia

Checking In: Sandals Regency La Toc Resort in St. Lucia

I have a confession: I’ve never been a fan of all-inclusive resorts. The repetitive meals, the gated community atmosphere, and the obnoxious tourists on their fifth drink by 11am – none of it has rocked my world. I’d rather be backpacking someplace, meeting new people and sampling unique dishes.

That is, until my recent visit to Sandals Regency La Toc in St Lucia. A four day visit changed my perspective on the resort experience. Continue Reading →


The Naughty Way to Catch a Havana Taxi

Thou shalt only take designated tourist taxis. That’s what my trusty guidebook had dictated in my pre-trip studies. For once I thought I might actually do some serious research on my destination prior to my arrival. I had never been to a communist country, my Spanish was limited to ‘dos cervazas, por favor’ and I was travelling solo. On day two of my trip, I left the well-highlighted, dog-eared guide in a taxi, all of my homework sped away into the streets, liberating me from such nonsense. Continue Reading →