Whirlpool Restaurant, Niagara Parks

Niagara Reimagined: This Ain’t No Grade School Getaway

Beyond the rushing falls and flashing casinos lay Ontario’s only 56-kilometer outdoor adventure museum. A collection of parks, gardens, cycling and hiking trails; Niagara Parks is changing the way visitors experience the historic and picturesque region.

With its gorgeous scenery, top notch eats, outdoor adventures, and of course natural wonders, Niagara is the perfect getaway for active travellers. This trip turned from wine sipping and wax museums to unexplored wonders all skipped on my 8th grade class trip. Continue Reading →

Hole In Wall Box

Hole In Wall Subscription Box: A Farmer’s Market Delivered to Your Door

Hole In Wall Box is a monthly box service that let’s you taste local delights from some of the world’s greatest cities.

Handmade goods and organic treats from fantastic local small businesses around the world delivered bi-monthly are selected using a shop-local mentality.

Each month is a new surprise of chocolates, candies, lotions, spices and more from artisans, food companies, gourmet goods, and even mom-and-pop shops each selected and shipped with love.

A great way to treat yourself or someone else–Mother’s Day is coming y’all—Hole In Wall boxes bring the farmer’s market right to your door.
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The Islands of Fort Myers and Sanibel, South West Florida

Island Hopping in South West Florida

After a two-hour flight from Toronto and I find myself on the islands of South-West Florida. Known as Captiva, Sanibel, and Cabbage Key, these islands encircle central Fort Myers where long white sandy beaches await laid-back, sun-seekers like me. Rich with natural beauty and legendary tales of pirates, poets, and naturists, I set out to explore the region’s best in island hopping adventures.
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Avocado Sandwich on Grilled Ciabatta with Roasted Tomato, Pomegranate, Vegenaise, and Arugula

We CAN all just get along: Eat in Harmony at The Butcher and The Vegan

Eat less meat. And when you do eat meat, make it count. That’s the mantra at The Butcher & the Vegan, a new Hamilton restaurant specializing in haute vegan cuisine and local farm-to-table meats.

Walking into this ethical eatery, guests feel instantly at ease. The Butcher & the Vegan boasts a casual vibe, complete with mismatched chairs and tables and a welcoming open concept kitchen.

The “butchers” (aka meat-eaters) who have been frequenting the restaurant swear it’s the best filet mignon they’ve ever had. Meanwhile, vegans savour the creative and thoughtfully prepared gourmet options. Continue Reading →

Photo: glennia

Jerk Chicken and Beyond! Jamaican Eats in Montego Bay

When conjuring up images of Jamaica, too often people envision patches of “safe” resorts peppered between territories riddled with violence. Before finding an inexpensive flight to Montego Bay, my travel companion and I were a touch nervous, having succumbed to the common perception of the sunny island. After hemming and hawing, we decided we would risk it and booked ourselves into hostel. Thank heavens we did, because we would have missed out on, well, pretty much everything.

Once we arrived we saw the parade of folk headed towards their walls of safety; every adventurous bone stamped out of them. Fortunately, we tucked into some fantastic, non-resort food that won’t leave you disappointed. Here’s a wee guide for the adventure seekers and resort haters eating in the Montego or MoBay area. Continue Reading →

A Food Adventure in the Yukon Territory

Eats, Treats and Brews at 64 Degrees North: Food Adventures in the Yukon Territory

The Yukon Territory is a physical place. The landscape is vast, the climate is unpredictable and the midnight sun will have you going ‘til dawn. There are rivers to run, mountains to climb and trails to travel all the way from Whitehorse to Old Crow. And if you go the distance (and the altitude) across this spectacular place, you’re going to need something to eat! Continue Reading →

Breakfast at Cassis, Jaffa (Tel Aviv)

Going on Eat-About: The Tastiest Street Food, Shuks and Restaurants of Tel Aviv, Israel

When I travel I like to do what I call “going on eat-about.” It’s a combo of eating any local food that appeals to you without restriction (Eat), and exploring the city on foot so as to be affected by its essence (Australian Walkabout).

When I announced my trip to Tel Aviv, Israel more than a few people told me the food would be a highlight. How right they were. The bread, the veggies and hummus are all so good I found myself asking, “Why are we eating what is comparatively garbage in North America?” Food crisis aside, here are a few highlights from the feast in the Middle East. Continue Reading →

Genesee Brewery 1280

Three Historic Foodie Stops in Upstate New York

Before arriving in Rochester, I knew just as much about Upstate New York as I did about Bora Bora: that they weren’t going to share a similar climate in February, or ever.

What I was not expecting to find was a rich historical backdrop for some seriously good food spots, a growing craft beer scene, and the second largest wine producing region in the United States after California. Continue Reading →


MONTREAL EN LUMIÈRE: Not Your Ordinary Winter Festival

Sixteen years ago Montréal introduced a festival that would make people love winter again. Today, it’s a 10-day city-wide extravaganza attracting visitors from around the world. The sheer number of culinary events, art exhibitions, and live performances can be boggling (pro tip: create a personalized itinerary on the official website), and this is not even taking into account all there is to see in the gorgeous and historic city of Montréal. Continue Reading →

Sprouted grains

Baby Got Bread!

I like to know what goes into my food, and try to buy healthy and fresh products. But these days, it’s hard to be sure. All kinds of crap are added during production and it’s difficult to know how food gets from the farm to the table.

Recently, the gluten-free movement has been sounding alarm bells about processed wheat, rye and other grains, raising concerns about its digestibility and nutritional value (or lack thereof). Some people are even cutting carbs and grains from their diets altogether.

But here’s the good news: you don’t have to!

Enter sprouted grains, the newest celeb in the slow food movement. Continue Reading →

Tea and Sandwiches at Wickwoods Country Club, Hotel and Spa

Guilt-Free Cream Tea (& Other Luxuries) in Southern England

On my lifelong search for the quintessential holiday fitness facility, I came across Wickwoods Country Club, Hotel and Spa, tucked away in England’s verdant Sussex Downs. It’s not just a private hangout for local ladies who lunch; it’s a boutique hotel with spa and gym with exercise classes, tennis and a ritzy restaurant. Oh, and an English cream tea destination to boot! Continue Reading →

Brugges Bruges Belgium

Where Can You Snort Chocolate and Drink 650 Types of Beer? Only in Bruges, Belgium

Squeezed between racy Amsterdam and cheese-mongering Paris, Belgium’s Bruges may seem small potatoes at first glance. But this fairy tale-like town has more to offer than Medieval architecture and canals. Foodies and ale-lovers flock to Bruges to indulge in calorific cuisine, craft beer, and some bizarre ways of ingesting chocolate (think: cocaine-style). Here are five things to love about Bruges’ food scene: Continue Reading →

Snowy Vancouver

Five Things to Love About Vancouver’s Food Scene

Let’s face it: Vancouver’s stunning scenery and love of green space is almost enough to make us don some Lululemon gear and become green gurus. In Vancouver, “local”, “eco-conscious” and “sustainable” aren’t just PR words — it’s a way of life.

Next time you’re on Canada’s West Coast, take some time to explore Vancouver’s Foodie Trail and you’ll discover more than just leafy greens and fruit smoothies. Here are five things to love about Vancouver’s food scene: Continue Reading →

Fairmont Montreal Style Bagels

Bete’avon! Jewish Specialty Eats in Montreal’s Mile End

Montreal’s Mile End and neighboring Le Plateau-Mont-Royal appear consistently on lists celebrating the hippest neighborhoods in North America. The food, drink, music, and art can’t be beat and the street life lasts all day and night.

But it wasn’t always this way. Before gentrification transformed the neighborhood, Mile End was home to a hard-working immigrant community. Until the 1960s, it was Canada’s largest Jewish quarter, a world immortalized by Mordecai Richler, where the teeming streets reverberated with the old-world sounds of Yiddish. In those days, scores of delicatessens and lunch counters fed the people who worked there. The food was similar to what could be found in the other North American, Jewish neighborhoods but Montreal was developing a food culture all its own. And the taste of days gone by remains in the neighborhood to this day. Continue Reading →

Seafood Tostada at Marisqueria El Caguamo

Cuisine and Culture in Mexico City with Sabores Mexico Food Tours

In 2010, UNESCO added traditional Mexican cuisine to the Intangible Cultural Heritage list, recognizing the local ingredients, farming practices, and regional dishes as an integral part of the national identity. Sabores Mexico owner Rodrigo Lopez Aldana—himself born and raised in Mexico City—has built a tour business that places Mexican food right where it belongs: at the center of your sightseeing experience.

Mexico City’s el Centro is the location of many iconic sights including the National Palace, the Palacio de Bellas Artes, and the world’s second-largest public plaza, Zócalo (only Moscow’s Red Square is bigger). A site of conflict between the Aztec Empire and Spanish colonizers, el Centro has hundreds of years of history behind it and is the perfect place for a walking food tour. Continue Reading →

Best coffee in Buenos Aires? Lattente Cappuccio in Buenos Aires

Three Lies About Breakfast in Buenos Aires

Visiting Buenos Aires? Chances are, you’ve just had a big night out.

A wine bar? A closed door restaurant? A steak place? Dinner in Argentina runs from 9 pm to 1 am, and the night has just begun. You’ve got to hit the late night scene after that. The bars open sometime after 2:00am, with the really good “early bird” deals and free drinks available until 3 am.

Then the crowds start to pour in, the tunes kick into high gear, and everyone dances until…well, sometime after the sun comes up. If this is the case then, you’re going to be famished. And let’s be honest – hung over and craving a good old North American dirty breakfast of eggs benedict, bacon, and the greasy works. Not to mention coffee that’ll really knock your socks off.

Of course, you may have heard a few myths about BA brunch culture…which we’re about to bust right now. Continue Reading →