A Food Adventure in the Yukon Territory

Eats, Treats and Brews at 64 Degrees North: Food Adventures in the Yukon Territory

The Yukon Territory is a physical place. The landscape is vast, the climate is unpredictable and the midnight sun will have you going ‘til dawn. There are rivers to run, mountains to climb and trails to travel all the way from Whitehorse to Old Crow. And if you go the distance (and the altitude) across this spectacular place, you’re going to need something to eat! Continue Reading →

Breakfast at Cassis, Jaffa (Tel Aviv)

Going on Eat-About: The Tastiest Street Food, Shuks and Restaurants of Tel Aviv, Israel

When I travel I like to do what I call “going on eat-about.” It’s a combo of eating any local food that appeals to you without restriction (Eat), and exploring the city on foot so as to be affected by its essence (Australian Walkabout).

When I announced my trip to Tel Aviv, Israel more than a few people told me the food would be a highlight. How right they were. The bread, the veggies and hummus are all so good I found myself asking, “Why are we eating what is comparatively garbage in North America?” Food crisis aside, here are a few highlights from the feast in the Middle East. Continue Reading →

Parmigiano-Reggiano by Artizone

How To Eat Like a Parmesan in Italy

The city of Parma is nestled in the fields of the Emilia Romagna region, stretching across the northern part of Italy’s boot. Considered the most culinary area on the planet, it’s the birthplace of the world’s most appreciated cheese, meat, and wine. This place has got the goods.

Want to eat simply, with the discriminating taste of the people who created Lamborghinis?

Here’s how to eat like a Parmesan in Italy: Continue Reading →

Black Button 1280

New Culinary Spots Get Personal in Upstate New York

Upstate New York’s diverse Finger Lakes region is known for its extensive wine production, but it’s also an emerging hotbed of culinary talent, craft breweries, and distilleries.

But the thing that stood out the most to me when first visited was a distinctive approach to culinary creation that draws inspiration from personal and local historical details. Continue Reading →

Genesee Brewery 1280

Three Historic Foodie Stops in Upstate New York

Before arriving in Rochester, I knew just as much about Upstate New York as I did about Bora Bora: that they weren’t going to share a similar climate in February, or ever.

What I was not expecting to find was a rich historical backdrop for some seriously good food spots, a growing craft beer scene, and the second largest wine producing region in the United States after California. Continue Reading →


MONTREAL EN LUMIÈRE: Not Your Ordinary Winter Festival

Sixteen years ago Montréal introduced a festival that would make people love winter again. Today, it’s a 10-day city-wide extravaganza attracting visitors from around the world. The sheer number of culinary events, art exhibitions, and live performances can be boggling (pro tip: create a personalized itinerary on the official website), and this is not even taking into account all there is to see in the gorgeous and historic city of Montréal. Continue Reading →

Bar Fish Toronto

Introducing Barfish: Toronto’s Narrowest Cocktail Bar

Have you been inside Toronto’s narrowest cocktail bar yet?

Squeaking in with a liquor license just in time for its official launch, BarFish, nestled as cosily as you can get alongside neighbourhood veteran BlowFish, made its King West debut elegantly. Take one step too many and you’d walk straight past this modern addition, wedged between the old Bank of Montreal building (that has housed BlowFish for 13 years) on the corner of King and Bathurst and somewhat dwarfed by office spaces next door. Continue Reading →

Sprouted grains

Baby Got Bread!

I like to know what goes into my food, and try to buy healthy and fresh products. But these days, it’s hard to be sure. All kinds of crap are added during production and it’s difficult to know how food gets from the farm to the table.

Recently, the gluten-free movement has been sounding alarm bells about processed wheat, rye and other grains, raising concerns about its digestibility and nutritional value (or lack thereof). Some people are even cutting carbs and grains from their diets altogether.

But here’s the good news: you don’t have to!

Enter sprouted grains, the newest celeb in the slow food movement. Continue Reading →

Breakfast at Westin Harbour Castle

What the Hell is Happening at Toronto’s Westin Harbour Castle?

The Westin Harbour Castle may be part of the old guard of Toronto’s hotel landscape, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have a few tricks up its sleeve.

In fact, it’s undergoing an extreme restaurant makeover, led by a celebrity chef from The Food Network. The culinary team is updating menus, reinventing some classics and creating some tasty new offerings. And rumour has it that this hotel will soon serve the best burger in town.

What the hell is going on with the Westin Harbour Castle? Here’s a preview. Continue Reading →

Punjabi Chicken Curry Toronto

Where to Eat: Pukka Indian Cuisine in Toronto

If you’re craving a hit of the subcontinent’s cuisine, St. Clair West neighbourhood in Toronto had no options for Indian cuisine. That is, until eye-catching Pukka opened, becoming the new kid of the restaurant block.

And for once, skip the aloo gobi and the butter chicken. Challenge your perceptions of what’s typical for an Indian meal and consider trying something completely different at Pukka. Continue Reading →

Tea and Sandwiches at Wickwoods Country Club, Hotel and Spa

Guilt-Free Cream Tea (& Other Luxuries) in Southern England

On my lifelong search for the quintessential holiday fitness facility, I came across Wickwoods Country Club, Hotel and Spa, tucked away in England’s verdant Sussex Downs. It’s not just a private hangout for local ladies who lunch; it’s a boutique hotel with spa and gym with exercise classes, tennis and a ritzy restaurant. Oh, and an English cream tea destination to boot! Continue Reading →

Eggs Benedict Thai at Linda Modern Thai

Thai for Brunch? Only at Linda Modern Thai in Toronto

Despite the adoration of eggs, bacon and pancakes for weekend brunch in Toronto, it’s time to expose that educated palate to something new.

Turn your back on the downtown offerings – and head northeast. Linda Modern Thai, found within the stylish environs of the Shops of Don Mills, has created a unique brunch menu, with subtle Thai flavours reinventing the first meal of the day. Continue Reading →

Brugges Bruges Belgium

Where Can You Snort Chocolate and Drink 650 Types of Beer? Only in Bruges, Belgium

Squeezed between racy Amsterdam and cheese-mongering Paris, Belgium’s Bruges may seem small potatoes at first glance. But this fairy tale-like town has more to offer than Medieval architecture and canals. Foodies and ale-lovers flock to Bruges to indulge in calorific cuisine, craft beer, and some bizarre ways of ingesting chocolate (think: cocaine-style). Here are five things to love about Bruges’ food scene: Continue Reading →

Snowy Vancouver

Five Things to Love About Vancouver’s Food Scene

Let’s face it: Vancouver’s stunning scenery and love of green space is almost enough to make us don some Lululemon gear and become green gurus. In Vancouver, “local”, “eco-conscious” and “sustainable” aren’t just PR words — it’s a way of life.

Next time you’re on Canada’s West Coast, take some time to explore Vancouver’s Foodie Trail and you’ll discover more than just leafy greens and fruit smoothies. Here are five things to love about Vancouver’s food scene: Continue Reading →