Fairmont Montreal Style Bagels

Bete’avon! Jewish Specialty Eats in Montreal’s Mile End

Montreal’s Mile End and neighboring Le Plateau-Mont-Royal appear consistently on lists celebrating the hippest neighborhoods in North America. The food, drink, music, and art can’t be beat and the street life lasts all day and night.

But it wasn’t always this way. Before gentrification transformed the neighborhood, Mile End was home to a hard-working immigrant community. Until the 1960s, it was Canada’s largest Jewish quarter, a world immortalized by Mordecai Richler, where the teeming streets reverberated with the old-world sounds of Yiddish. In those days, scores of delicatessens and lunch counters fed the people who worked there. The food was similar to what could be found in the other North American, Jewish neighborhoods but Montreal was developing a food culture all its own. And the taste of days gone by remains in the neighborhood to this day. Continue Reading →

Moules frites (Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons)

Haute Cuisine: Fancy Foods from Southwestern France

In southwestern France, particularly in the Dordogne, you can feel like you’ve stepped back in time to a place that is quite isolated from the rest of the world.

Medieval castles blanket the hilltops and prehistoric caves are home to some of the oldest known cave paintings in the world. Townships host a market day once or twice a week where some of the best culinary pickings are still produced the way they have been for centuries. Accordingly, price tags range from reasonable to extortionate.

Despite this region’s humble environs, it is home to some of the richest and finest French delicacies that grace the tables of all the top dining destinations across the world. Continue Reading →

Seafood Tostada at Marisqueria El Caguamo

Cuisine and Culture in Mexico City with Sabores Mexico Food Tours

In 2010, UNESCO added traditional Mexican cuisine to the Intangible Cultural Heritage list, recognizing the local ingredients, farming practices, and regional dishes as an integral part of the national identity. Sabores Mexico owner Rodrigo Lopez Aldana—himself born and raised in Mexico City—has built a tour business that places Mexican food right where it belongs: at the center of your sightseeing experience.

Mexico City’s el Centro is the location of many iconic sights including the National Palace, the Palacio de Bellas Artes, and the world’s second-largest public plaza, Zócalo (only Moscow’s Red Square is bigger). A site of conflict between the Aztec Empire and Spanish colonizers, el Centro has hundreds of years of history behind it and is the perfect place for a walking food tour. Continue Reading →

Best coffee in Buenos Aires? Lattente Cappuccio in Buenos Aires

Three Lies About Breakfast in Buenos Aires

Visiting Buenos Aires? Chances are, you’ve just had a big night out.

A wine bar? A closed door restaurant? A steak place? Dinner in Argentina runs from 9 pm to 1 am, and the night has just begun. You’ve got to hit the late night scene after that. The bars open sometime after 2:00am, with the really good “early bird” deals and free drinks available until 3 am.

Then the crowds start to pour in, the tunes kick into high gear, and everyone dances until…well, sometime after the sun comes up. If this is the case then, you’re going to be famished. And let’s be honest – hung over and craving a good old North American dirty breakfast of eggs benedict, bacon, and the greasy works. Not to mention coffee that’ll really knock your socks off.

Of course, you may have heard a few myths about BA brunch culture…which we’re about to bust right now. Continue Reading →

Shibui - Salmon Maki

Where to Eat: Shibui Robata Bar in Toronto

You won’t find bento boxes overloaded with California rolls at Toronto’s Sibui Robata Bar. Chef Nakayama introduces a menu of 21st century Japanese cuisine.

Escaping the busy sidewalks of Toronto’s Adelaide Street West, diners are greeted with two options at #230 – the bustling, noisy environs of Copacabana and the quiet elegance of Shibui Robata Bar. Unlike most Japanese restaurants in Toronto, the typical décor of shoji screens and images of geishas isn’t seen here. This modern Japanese restaurant reveals its nod to tradition with tables set with Japanese ceramics and an elegant open kitchen with its notable, rotating robatayaki, a fireside grill. Continue Reading →

Chicken breast From the Farm

The Getaway: Cooking on a Heritage Farm in Prince Edward County

Looking for a field to farm culinary experience? Two hours east of Toronto in Prince Edward County, chef and food writer Cynthia Peters teaches classes on the art of seasonal cooking from her 1830’s heritage farmhouse. Local food products are incorporated in the recipes and culinary tours of local farms, producers, and wineries are often part of the day’s adventure. Cynthia has serious skills too, with training at Le Cordon Bleu in Ottawa and a cookbook about herbs under her belt. Continue Reading →

Lanterns in the Grand Bazaar Istanbul

Beyond the Beach in Istanbul: A Photo Essay

Welcome to part two of our Istanbul series. This time we explore the sights, sounds and tastes of this historic destination.

Of course, the main reason most visitors head to Istanbul is to take in the city’s incredible history and culture. Sites like the Blue Mosque and Grand Bazaar are iconic landmarks, as recognizable around the globe as the Eiffel Tower, but with centuries more of history behind them. After all, from Constantinople to Istanbul, this is a city that has witnessed the rise and fall of multiple empires, that has been both Christian and Muslim, Ottomon and Byzantine. Continue Reading →

Braai Day BBQ

How to Host a Kickass South African-Style Braai Party

To host a successful Braai Day, the first thing to do is to figure out what it is. In case you haven’t heard, Braai Day is a South African national holiday inspired by the spirit of barbeque and celebrates multiculturalism. Braai is also the Afrikaan term for barbeque – a popular pastime in South Africa (note to self: add South Africa to travel bucket list).

South Africa celebrates Heritage Day on September 24 — and to celebrate, some African wineries are hoping that you take up the tradition and host a Canada Braai Day party. Here’s how to throw a kickass Braai Day party. Continue Reading →

Scallops on the mneu at the Beverley Hotel in Toronto

Toronto’s Beverley Hotel Serves a Healthy Dose of Canadian Cuisine

The sidewalks of Toronto’s Queen Street West may be crowded with shoppers, but they may be soon be outnumbered by foodies finding a new place on the strip to please their palate – The Beverley Hotel.

Unlike its former dive bar neighbour of the same name, the current version is a modern boutique hotel/restaurant located west of John Street at McCaul Street, which opened in summer 2013 and recently launched a new menu by former Executive Chef Eric Wood. Continue Reading →

Sandals Resorts steakhouse

Around the World in 9 Dining Experiences: Discovery Dining at Sandals La Source Grenada

What makes a vacation great? Well, that’s a matter of taste. But no matter what you’re into any trip that falls short in the culinary department leaves the bad taste in your mouth. No one wants a bad glass of wine and after a day on slopes or cardboard burger and yuck-sauce beer after a grueling hike. For ocean lovers, a beautiful beach is important but bad food is a real buzz-kill. And at Sandals LaSource Grenada, they know that amazing meals are the magic ingredient that transforms a great vacation into a wonderful memory. Continue Reading →

Mark McEwan, Toronto Chef

Interview with the Chef: Mark McEwan, Toronto’s First Celebrity Chef

Mark McEwan was Toronto’s first celebrity chef in the familiar sense. Others are easy to recognize from television or put their name on a restaurant, but right now he’s the one doing all of these at the same time.

We had the chance to catch up with McEwan and chat about the rewards and challenges that come with running a culinary operation with such a varied collection of activities. Continue Reading →

DSC_2800 (800x533)

Where to Eat: Morton’s The Steakhouse in Toronto

It’s a little intimidating to dine at Morton’s The Steakhouse for the first time. It’s partly the location and clientele. Morton’s in Toronto is nestled inside the glamorous Park Hyatt Hotel, in the heart of Yorkville. Past patrons have included celebrities like Sean Penn, Sting, Michael Douglas, Catherine Zeta-Jones, John Cleese, and Robin Williams. The … Continue Reading →

Ocean Prime DenverFilet Mignon Oscar Style (800x534)

Discovering Decadent Dining in Denver

A traveller explores Denver’s vibrant food scene…one bite at a time Like most mountain lovers, when I visit Colorado I usually get a distant glimpse of a shimmering skyline as I bypass Denver en route to Breckenridge, Aspen, or Copper Mountain. But this time, with three days spare, I decided to tack a city scenario … Continue Reading →