Whirlpool Restaurant, Niagara Parks

Niagara Reimagined: This Ain’t No Grade School Getaway

Beyond the rushing falls and flashing casinos lay Ontario’s only 56-kilometer outdoor adventure museum. A collection of parks, gardens, cycling and hiking trails; Niagara Parks is changing the way visitors experience the historic and picturesque region.

With its gorgeous scenery, top notch eats, outdoor adventures, and of course natural wonders, Niagara is the perfect getaway for active travellers. This trip turned from wine sipping and wax museums to unexplored wonders all skipped on my 8th grade class trip. Continue Reading →

Photo: New Brunswick Tourism, Canada

A Foodie’s Tour of Fundy in New Brunswick

With access to the Appalachians, a series of major river systems, and coasts to the east and the south, New Brunswick is made for road tripping. The province is only around 28,000 square miles (73,000 square kilometers) so it’s easy to get from one place to the other—even with frequent stops.

On my recent trip on the Fundy Coastal Drive, I found myself signaling right to sample chocolates, lobster, smoked salmon, poutine, blueberry wine, and more. The route, which takes you from Moncton near the east to St. Stephen on the southwestern tip (and close enough to the border with Maine to ping their cell towers), is loaded with things to eat. Here’s a (non-exhaustive) guide to grazing. Continue Reading →

Israeli hummus

Delicious Israel: Making Food Memories Off the Beaten Path

When I was little, my grandmother would make Yorkshire pudding on special occasions. Whipped up on the spot, she made them from memory, from scratch and with love. She is gone now, but the tastes of her Yorkshire pudding’s crunchy tops and savoury centres remain as vivid in my mind as her jokes and hugs.

This kind of taste and emotional recollection is what I like to call a food memory. These are memories that haul us back to the intersection of delicious food, tradition and love, and leave us with phantom tastes in our mouths.

But what if you could preserve your food memories? Keep them real and alive for everyone to enjoy.

This is exactly what Tel Aviv-based Delicious Israel, is doing for locals and visitors to food memory-rich Israel. Continue Reading →


MONTREAL EN LUMIÈRE: Not Your Ordinary Winter Festival

Sixteen years ago Montréal introduced a festival that would make people love winter again. Today, it’s a 10-day city-wide extravaganza attracting visitors from around the world. The sheer number of culinary events, art exhibitions, and live performances can be boggling (pro tip: create a personalized itinerary on the official website), and this is not even taking into account all there is to see in the gorgeous and historic city of Montréal. Continue Reading →

Baton Rouge spices

Baton Rouge: Explore, Shop, Feast, Repeat!

Have you ever been an understudy, won second place, or been the runner up — lingering in the shadows cast by a shining star? When I was plotting my trip to Louisiana, I wondered if that was how Baton Rouge might feel – a child neglected while everyone fawned over Mardi Gras down the road in New Orleans. But after exploring the city for a few days, and eating everything in sight (even the ‘crawfish’), I am convinced this city is more than worthy of being in the spotlight. Continue Reading →

Baton Rouge shrimp

Beware the Crawfish – A Feeding Frenzy in Baton Rouge

I have a terrible confession to make.

Seafood gives me the creeps. I really struggle to eat anything that looks like it did when it was alive, or spends its life scuttling along the bottom of a body of water in all that muck. But, when I was invited to Baton Rouge to spend my days eating, I knew I’d have to put on my big girl panties and a brave face. Had I known, I would have also put on my stretchy pants – I didn’t just taste the local cuisine, I gorged. I’m so ashamed, there’s a whole world of eating to be discovered, and I’ve wasted decades of my life! I did my best to make up for lost time. Continue Reading →

Fairmont Montreal Style Bagels

Bete’avon! Jewish Specialty Eats in Montreal’s Mile End

Montreal’s Mile End and neighboring Le Plateau-Mont-Royal appear consistently on lists celebrating the hippest neighborhoods in North America. The food, drink, music, and art can’t be beat and the street life lasts all day and night.

But it wasn’t always this way. Before gentrification transformed the neighborhood, Mile End was home to a hard-working immigrant community. Until the 1960s, it was Canada’s largest Jewish quarter, a world immortalized by Mordecai Richler, where the teeming streets reverberated with the old-world sounds of Yiddish. In those days, scores of delicatessens and lunch counters fed the people who worked there. The food was similar to what could be found in the other North American, Jewish neighborhoods but Montreal was developing a food culture all its own. And the taste of days gone by remains in the neighborhood to this day. Continue Reading →

Seafood Tostada at Marisqueria El Caguamo

Cuisine and Culture in Mexico City with Sabores Mexico Food Tours

In 2010, UNESCO added traditional Mexican cuisine to the Intangible Cultural Heritage list, recognizing the local ingredients, farming practices, and regional dishes as an integral part of the national identity. Sabores Mexico owner Rodrigo Lopez Aldana—himself born and raised in Mexico City—has built a tour business that places Mexican food right where it belongs: at the center of your sightseeing experience.

Mexico City’s el Centro is the location of many iconic sights including the National Palace, the Palacio de Bellas Artes, and the world’s second-largest public plaza, Zócalo (only Moscow’s Red Square is bigger). A site of conflict between the Aztec Empire and Spanish colonizers, el Centro has hundreds of years of history behind it and is the perfect place for a walking food tour. Continue Reading →

Peameal bacon sandwich from the St. Lawrence Market

When Pigs Fry: A Bacon Tour of Toronto

It’s starting to get difficult to remember that Toronto was once famous for something other than crack-smoking mayors.

Over 150 years ago, Toronto had a reputation for producing the best pork in the world. That’s right – Toronto isn’t nicknamed “Hogtown” for nothing. Back in the 1800s, Brits salivated over Canadian bacon and ate it by the millions of pounds. Where Starbucks and condos now dominate, pigs once roamed in their pens and were slaughtered at an abattoir on Front Street East. Toronto Urban Adventures launched a bacon-themed guided tour called “When Pigs Fry” – a food tour that offers more than eating. . Continue Reading →

Jean Talon Market Montreal

A Food Tour of Montreal’s Little Italy & Jean Talon Market

Most visitors to Montreal are well aware of the city’s lively culinary scene. Foodies gravitate to Downtown Montreal and the Old City to feast in cafes and restaurants. But have you ever considered starting your food journey outside of the downtown core?

On this food tour with Fitz & Fowell, discover one of Montreal’s most captivating culinary neighbourhoods – Little Italy and the Jean Talon Market. Continue Reading →

3C. Soma (800x600)

A Tasty Chocolate Tour of Toronto

Who doesn’t love spending a Saturday immersed in culture along King West and Queen West…and stuffing your face with chocolates and sweets?! Tasty Tours’ Toronto has a three hour guided walk to six chocolate shops. Along the way, you learn about the origins, history, production and benefits of chocolate – while sampling some of the best chocolate in Toronto. Continue Reading →