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Feng Shui Sushi at Ki Modern Japanese & Bar

I have always admired the Japanese focus on form; everything is carefully considered, and immaculately designed to create the perfect balance. It’s this simple elegance that Ki Modern Japanese and Bar has managed to encapsulate. From their chic entrance on 181 Bay Street, Toronto, where hand blown tentacles reach out to welcome you, to the … Continue Reading →

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Surviving Hostel Hell in Egypt

A couple of years ago my husband and I decided it was a good idea to stay in a hostel in Egypt. We have hosteled all over the world — so this was no big deal, right? Looking back on this story now, I am embarrassed to tell it. I feel like the clueless victim … Continue Reading →

Montréal Marriott Château Champlain Hotel

Checking In: Montréal Marriott Château Champlain Hotel

There is certainly no shortage of hotels and B&Bs in Montreal, but the Marriott Château Champlain stands out. Nestled between historic statues and the greenery of Dorchester and Dominion Squares, this contemporary hotel offers first-rate hospitality and a convenient location at a reasonable price. It’s also fun that the locals have affectionately dubbed this hotel as “the cheese-grater” for its 1960’s-era architecture. Continue Reading →

Jean Talon Market Montreal

A Food Tour of Montreal’s Little Italy & Jean Talon Market

Most visitors to Montreal are well aware of the city’s lively culinary scene. Foodies gravitate to Downtown Montreal and the Old City to feast in cafes and restaurants. But have you ever considered starting your food journey outside of the downtown core?

On this food tour with Fitz & Fowell, discover one of Montreal’s most captivating culinary neighbourhoods – Little Italy and the Jean Talon Market. Continue Reading →

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Five Unique Travel Experiences in Montreal

This may not be your typical tourist round-up – but we’ve selected five unique Montreal travel experiences to share with readers. Sure, there are some fabulous museums and art galleries in the city. But if you’re up for a little exploration off the beaten track, keep reading. Here are a few ideas for exploring Montreal: 1. Wander the … Continue Reading →

New York City pizza

Gourmet Pizza at Olio e Più in New York City

When I visit New York City, I often feel overwhelmed by endless food options. I’ll often revert to chain restaurants and celebrity Chefs out of sheer laziness and hunger. But this time, I strayed from the NYC guidebooks and typical tourist trails. I went to the West Village to try Olio Pizza e Piú – a trattoria open 24/7 that serves authentic Neapolitan pizzas, breads, and other Italian delicacies. Continue Reading →

GL Charcuterie Board

Going Vegan in Toronto: Grasslands Restaurant

Do you remember when littering suddenly became taboo in the 80s?  At the time, it was a bit strange changing our habits. But after awhile, people started recycling and carrying coffee flasks to clear their environmental conscience. Today, a new shift is happening. We are reflecting on our meat and animal product consumption. I dare say, a heightened awareness … Continue Reading →


Getting Lucky In Dubai

As I stepped into the room, a man I hadn’t noticed slipped behind me and abruptly turned the deadbolt. Well, this is it, I thought. Lost in a tangled maze of alleyways in the heart of Dubai, locked in a room with two unknown men. No one would miss me for days. I had been … Continue Reading →

Montreal Botanical Garden

Exploring Plant Sculptures at the Montreal Botanical Garden

Visiting Montreal this summer? Here’s some radical travel advice: take a break from the outdoor music festivals, and head to the Montreal Botanical Gardens. So landscaped bushes and flower beds may not seem as exciting as a shopping spree at Simon’s. But this is not your average tourist attraction. It’s a socially and environmentally conscious urban hike … Continue Reading →


Packing Essentials Every Girl Needs

I glance over at the enormous stack of clean laundry, and my over-stuffed dresser. The task that lay before me is far too overwhelming. I should go for a bike ride instead, and it’ll sort itself out. I wish. I’m leaving in a few days for a cram packed road trip. I didn’t mean for … Continue Reading →

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Israel and Palestine: More Than a Conflict Zone

Given the flurry of media attention, Israel and Palestine may not be your first choice for a travel destination right now.

But I’d like to challenge readers to open their minds and look past the political conflict. There’s so much culture and history to explore in this land, and it’s a shame that many travellers skip it. Before you write off Israel and Palestine, consider some of these highlights. Continue Reading →