Gearapalooza Review: Bogs Bend Women's Hiking Boot

Gearapalooza Mid-Winter Edition: Bogs Hiking Boots

It’s mid-winter (ish) and unseasonably warm temperatures have meant a longer (warmer) hiking and trail-walking season. And to celebrate we’ve been testing the hell out of some hiking boots from Bogs Footwear. Yes, Bogs. The makers of hiking and casual shoes you never knew about.

While our original long distance review was to be a race up Hai Ling Peak in Canmore Alberta, a “predators on the trail” situation sent us running to test up rocky Luskville Falls trail in Quebec, and the Kannanaskis and the Overlook Trails in Jasper, Alberta.
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Photo: Crystal Lahan

Exploring the Best of Amsterdam’s Art and Culture — Without Breaking the Bank

Famous for its bikes, intricate canals, and beautiful architecture, Amsterdam has cultivated just the right backdrop for tourists to celebrate its best features: its culture and its people. Here are some suggestions on how to experience some impressive elements of Dutch art and culture, without breaking the bank. Continue Reading →


Klötze and Salzwedel: Off the Highway and into Germany’s Heartland

The fifth and final instalment of our journey tracking down the Top 5 Attractions along the Romanesque Route in Germany’s heartland. Weaving through the Klötzer forest in a horse-drawn wagon, Beachwood shadows casting their imposing lines upon us, it is easy to feel as if one has stepped back in time. After days of navigating a combination … Continue Reading →

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24 Hour Getaway: A Fall Escape in Ontario’s Windsor Essex Pelee Island

Summer may be slipping out the back door, but that doesn’t mean the party’s over. There are so many ways to enjoy autumn in Canada, and Ontario’s Southwest offers more than just scenery. It’s only a short drive to this corridor filled with wineries, farm fresh fare, and agritourism.

We’ve put together a short itinerary for a 24-hour fall getaway to the region of Windsor Essex Pelee Island. It’s roughly four hours from Toronto by car, so we recommend driving in the night before if you can. Are you ready to go? Continue Reading →


Naumburg: Vineyard treasures along Germany’s Romanesque Route

The lure of an undiscovered wine is often incentive enough for vineyard enthusiasts to make their way to a region. To this end, many people will find happiness in Naumburg, Germany.

Tucked away 60kms from Leipzig and sitting on the Saale river, Naumburg is a charming piece of German heartland situated along the Romanesque Route. Its colourful historic burgher buildings and tree-lined promenade make for a peaceful stop along the Romanesque route and one that should not be overlooked, especially if you are a wine lover! Continue Reading →