Photo Courtesy of Ryan Edwardson

Gearing up for “Canada’s Tiny, Perfect Festival”: The Dawson City Music Festival

Up in the Yukon town of Dawson city, the summer is short. The snow and ice hang around town until about May. But once warmer weather finally hits there’s only one thing to do: party until the first leaf drops. And there’s no better way to make hay while the sun shines than to revel in the Dawson City Music Festival. Continue Reading →

Victory at the top of the Midnight Dome

Strange Things Run in the Midnight Sun: Five Reasons to Brave Dawson City’s Midnight Dome Race

In the northwestern corner of the Yukon Territory sits historic and lively Dawson City. Once the urban city-center for starry-eyed prospectors during the Klondike Gold Rush, Dawson has maintained its intrigue and endured as a top tourist destination all these years later. In the summer months, visitors can take advantage of the town’s jam-packed schedule, which includes the legendary Dawson City Music Festival, historic Discovery Days and a thrice-nightly can-can cabaret at Diamond Tooth Gertie’s Gambling Hall.

But there’s one event that can transform fun-loving tourists into hard-core (nearly) locals: the Dawson City Midnight Dome Race. Continue Reading →

Yukon's Kluane National Park

Are you a Traveller or a Tourist?

If you dream of setting foot on distant shores, of strolling beneath foreign stars or if you can’t wait to pack a bag and leave behind the familiar and the comfortable, then you, kindred soul, are a traveler.

There are bits of me all over the world; nail clippings in Taiwan, hair in Oman and skin cells in over 82 countries. It’s not that I mean to leave a piece of myself wherever I go, but every place we travel is touched by our passing as we are altered by it. This is the life of a traveler.

There is a very big difference between a traveler and a tourist. A tourist is one who wants to do the same things they do back home, just in a different location. A traveler walks with respect and tries to experience that which makes their new destination unique. They talk to the locals, try new things, taste the food and learn a few phrases in a different language-they relish new experiences. Continue Reading →