How I Saved a Year’s Salary to Travel the World

Four years ago, I was slumped over a desk, longing to explore the world. On my lunch breaks, I surfed the internet and drooled over safaris, seat sales, and rainforest hikes.

Fast forward to now. I’m enjoying a one-year unpaid sabbatical from my office job. I spend my days flying to new destinations to peruse markets, taste fresh foods, meet new friends, and check off an ever-expanding bucket list.

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Border passport inspection

How to Survive an Airport Interrogation

It’s all about attitude.

When you’re travelling, it’s your attitude that customs officials are monitoring. It has a lot to do with how you’re treated. As your Mother taught you, do unto others as they do unto you.

So when you’re pulled into the airless, windowless room at the airport for a “secondary inspection,” the nice phrase for being searched, take a deep breath and remember this advice about how to survive an airport security interrogation. Continue Reading →

New York City

Five Travel Hacks for Visiting New York City

Being a tourist in New York City can be a hazardous ordeal. Every restaurant sounds like it cannot be missed…but is it just a tourist trap? Should you go to MoMA or the Met? (Both, actually!) And how exactly does one get from uptown to downtown?

I live and work near two of the most iconic buildings in New York City – The Chrysler Building and Penn Station – so I encounter confused out-of-towners on a daily basis. After two years of living in The Big Apple, I have compiled a list of five travel hacks for the weary urban wanderer in NYC. Continue Reading →

Photo: CEphoto, Uwe Aranas via Wikimedia Commons

Avoiding International Bathroom Emergencies: A Traveller’s Guide

When you’re on the road, shit happens. But do you know what causes Traveller’s Diarrhea and how to keep it out of your carry-on luggage?

A recent survey indicates that most Canadians (79%) are unaware of the possible causes, risks, or symptoms associated with illness. We can navigate remote roads and tap into foreign Wifi connections like a Jedi…but we’re ignorant about preventing an international bathroom emergency?

Let’s take a moment to review where E.Coli hangs out, and how to keep it out of your carry-on luggage: Continue Reading →

Photo: russavia via Wikimedia Commons

Christmas Gifts For Travellers That Don’t Suck

Travellers are some of the fussiest mofos on earth, and it takes a lot to impress them. They’ve just seen and done so much. They don’t need material things, right? Insert eye rolling here!

Worry not, friends! Don’t waste your precious time roaming the malls. Here are a few Christmas gifts for travellers that don’t suck:
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