Checking In: Hotel Mazarin, New Orleans

We know that if you’re heading down to the Big Easy, whether it’s for Mardi Gras or some of that fine southern cuisine, you’re likely going to give it 100% effort.  This is a go big or go home sort of town – nothing in New Orleans is half-assed. The Mazarin Hotel, a boutique hotel in the heart of the French Quarter not only lived up to my ‘go big’ expectations, but far exceeded them – the perfect blend of southern hospitality, convenience, and general spoiled rottenness.


Careful, those sheets will suck you right in. Photo: New Orleans Hotel Collection

Great Location

The French Quarter is meant to be strolled through – and not just because the bars in New Orleans let you take your boozy beverages for a walk.  With gorgeous architecture steeped in history, music spilling from open fronted bars, and street buskers blaring out some of the best jazz around, being cooped up in a car would just be silly.  The Mazarin Hotel is ideally located – for quick pit stops through the day to unload your purchases, to collapsing after a long day of wandering, it’s mere steps away from all the action. Though it’s only half a block away from famed Bourbon Street, it fronts onto a quiet street – perfect for peaceful sleeping.

Southern Hospitality

The moment you walk into the lobby, you’re compelled to look behind you for the celebrity that has followed you in – that’s the sort of greeting you get. You feel as though they’ve been doing nothing but waiting in pure anticipation of your arrival.  Your luggage is offloaded, doors are swung open for you, and elevator buttons are pressed on your behalf.  The hotel lobby is full of charm, with fresh flowers and furniture that begs for you to sit and enjoy a friendly conversation with your hosts.  When you find yourself parched from the relentless Louisiana heat, step into the charming courtyard for a glass of fruit infused ice water, beautifully set out and waiting just for you.


Careful, those sheets will suck you right in. Photo: New Orleans Hotel Collection

Spoil Yourself

The rooms are simply lovely.  The sheets conspire against you – while you want to get up and explore all day, the sheets do their best to trap you in their luxurious threads. Compromise and sleep in a little later than you should, you won’t regret it.  You can take a stroll around in the spacious shower, then wrap yourself up in cozy robes and linger a while.   When you head down to the elegant courtyard, be sure to bring your appetite.  Fresh fruit and all the standards are deliciously presented – best of all, they have chocolate croissants!  Pick a seat our near the European inspired water fountain in the centre of the courtyard, and recover from your night on Bourbon Street with fresh coffee and pastries.


Yes, there are even chocolate croissants. Indulge. Photo: New Orleans Hotel Collection

A Handy Tip:

Hotel Mazarin has 102 beautifully appointed rooms, and a handful of them look out over the courtyard, a wonderful sight to wake up to.  While you might save a bit of cash booking online through a third party, if you book directly with the hotel you can request one of these special rooms and pamper yourself a bit more.  Hey, it’s New Orleans, treat yourself.


Trust me, you want to wake up to this. Photo: New Orleans Hotel Collection

The Details:

Hotel Mazarin
730 Bienville St
New Orleans, LA 70130

Note: While the author was a complimentary guest of the hotel, but her compliments and chocolate croissant binges are entirely her own doing. The hotel did not review or approve this article.

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