Christmas Gifts For Travellers That Don’t Suck

Photo: russavia via Wikimedia Commons

Photo: russavia via Wikimedia Commons

Travellers are some of the fussiest mofos on earth, and it takes a lot to impress them. They’ve just seen and done so much. They don’t need material things, right? Meanwhile, your head is exploding from the stress of roaming the mall, searching for the Holy Grail of gifts.

Worry not, friends! We’ve got you covered. Here are a few Christmas gifts for travellers that don’t suck:

Flight Gift Certificates

This will put a glint in a traveller’s eyes. You’re basically feeding the addiction! A word of advice: don’t buy vouchers for an obscure airline to nowhere. That flight on Hooters Air (yes, this is real) may be cheap, but if you can’t book it, what’s the point? It’s about as useful as a Slap Chopper.

Travel Insurance

Six months of worldwide travel insurance is a practical gift for travellers. World Nomads Travel Insurance is one of the best and most trusted providers, recommended by Lonely Planet, Rough Guides, and National Geographic. Packages include everything from trip cancellation to baggage loss to dental (especially handy if your friend is prone to bar fights abroad).

Women’s Travel Clothing That Isn’t Frumpy

As one traveller wisely said, just because you’re a dirty backpacker doesn’t mean you have to look like one.For women wanderers, there’s FIG – a Montreal company that designs comfortable and elegant women’s travel clothing. The fabrics offer UV protection, and many are quick-drying, antibacterial and hypoallergenic. Who wouldn’t want to get an organic cotton and fleece hoodie, or a silky dress made from a blend of bamboo viscose, organic cotton and spandex?

FIG collageOh, one last thing: FIG is 100% made in Canada. The garments are cut and sewn in Canada, and most fabrics are woven and dyed in Montreal. Props to that!

Stink Proof Men’s Wear

For the boys, may we recommend Icebreaker’s merino wool? It’s lightweight, quick drying,and stink proof. Yep, you can wear that sucker for months without washing it and it won’t smell. Plus, it looks good!

fw12+Nature+is+Better+than+Plastic+CoverWe also love Icebreaker because they actually give a shit about about the environment, sustainability and social ethics. They actually pay the New Zealand sheep farmers more than 2 cents an hour. And the wool is biodegradable.

To buy in Canada with free shipping, click here. To order in the US, click here.

Noise Cancelling Headphones

Nothing pains a traveller more than a long-haul flight with screaming babies. A seasoned travel writer wisely said that noise cancelling headphones were the best thing she ever bought for herself. If you want to wish your friend a safe and happy flight, get them a pair of these top rated Bose QuietComfort 20 headphones.

(Note: Sorry parents, we realize it’s very stressful for you too. But we still prefer snakes to babies on a plane.)

Solar Charger

How cool is this? Put this lightweight device in the sun, and it charges tablets, mobile phones, and iPods. Extra points for being green!

This solar charger from SolarJoos got top marks from Outdoor Living Magazine.

Solar charger

JOOS Orange (Photo by Paul Komarek via Wikimedia Commons)

WiFi Bubble Rental

Rent a pocket-sized, portable Wi-Fi bubble so your friend can stay connected anywhere in the world. It can get lonely on the road and sometimes you just need to hear a familiar voice. The wifi bubble is a great way to say, “Call me!” It can also be a lifeline: the ability to Google map an escape route from a sketchy neighbourhood is a win! This one is recommended by the New York Times.


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    Love the recommendation for FIG clothing! I’m always looking for something packable that doesn’t look dreadful…off to start shopping now :)

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