Gearapalooza Mid-Winter Edition: Bogs Hiking Boots

Overlook Trail, Jasper National Park, Alberta

Overlook Trail, Jasper National Park, Alberta

It’s mid-winter (ish) and unseasonably warm temperatures have meant a longer (warmer) hiking and trail-walking season. And to celebrate we’ve been testing the hell out of some hiking boots from Bogs Footwear. Yes, Bogs. The makers of hiking and casual shoes you never knew about.

While our original long distance review was to be a race up Hai Ling Peak in Canmore Alberta, a “predators on the trail” situation sent us running to test up rocky Luskville Falls trail in Quebec, and the Kannanaskis and the Overlook Trails in Jasper, Alberta.

The Team

Men’s Tremelo Hiking Boots: Tested by our trusty in-house mountaineer, Sean. This guy has summited peaks like Alberta’s, The Fortress, and is the proud owner of a climbing axe.

Sean, Mountain Boot Tester Extraordinaire

Sean, Mountain Boot Tester Extraordinaire

Women’s Bend Hiking Boots: Tested by resident scaredy-cat, novice hiker and Eat Drink Travel contributor, Kate Palbom.

The Gear

Bogs Men's Tremelo Hiking Boot

Bogs Men’s Tremelo Hiking Boot


Tremelo Hiking Boots Pewter (Men’s): Made with genuine nubuck leather these boots are %100 waterproof. Bogs cushioning Rebound technology absorbs shock and increases comfort even when carrying a pack. On the sole, BioGrip technology gives hikers traction and stability. The insides are lined with a material called EverDrop to help evaporate and absorb sweat.

Bogs Women's Bend Hiking Boot

Bogs Women’s Bend Hiking Boot


Bend Hiking Boots Chocolate (Women’s): Also made with genuine nubuck leather, these boots employ everDry and Max-Wick to keep feet dry. Something called DuraFresh technology is there to keep these boots from getting smelly. The Rebound technology in the outsole provides supportive comfort and the Biogrip sole is anti-slip.

What We Loved

Tremelo: They were instantly comfortable; there was no break in period, period! During rocky hikes in Quebec they served me well, leaving no blisters or hot spots. In Jasper it was above freezing and parts of the trail were wet and muddy. They kept my feet dry and they weren’t too cold or too hot.

Overlook Trail, Jasper National Park, Alberta

Overlook Trail, Jasper National Park, Alberta

Bend: Copy that!. The Bend hikers fit great and were comfortable from the word go. The wider fit was perfect for my feet and freed me from pinching. Truly anti-slip, the tough sole kept me on my feet especially over loose terrain and coming down hills. No matter how hard I worked, the wicking kept my feet from feeling soaked and soppy. What’s more they aren’t smelly (even though they should be) so the DuraFresh technology is a triumph of modern footwear.

Gearapalooza Review: Bogs Bend Women's Hiking Boot

Gearapalooza Review: Bogs Bend Women’s Hiking Boot

What We Would Change

Tremelo:The cutouts on the sides are handy for donning the boots but they compromise the ankle support. A slightly higher line and sturdier ankle construction would be great for more rigorous mountain scrambles.

Bend: As a beginner hiker, I straight up loved these boots. With no break in time they’re comfortable, durable flexible and light. It would great to see a waterproof version hit the shelves.

Luskville Fall Trail, Quebec

Luskville Fall Trail, Quebec

Also Ideal For

Using with snowshoes and gators for snowy hikes in the woods. Everyday boots for running around town or long days out in cooler months. Trail hikes, walks and beginner climbs.

Score: 4/5

Bogs hiking boots are light and flexible and never left us feeling like we were dragging around useless extra weight.

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