Hualien, Taiwan: A Coastal Paradise

P1040271_edited-1 (800x534)I’m going to be honest: I only went to Taiwan because my husband was going on a business trip. I didn’t expect much from the busy streets of Taipei, so I booked us a forty-five minute flight to Hualien Country, an area known for its mountains and coastal views.  I had no idea this part of the world would remind me of beautiful travel destinations such as Australia and Alberta.

P1040185_edited-1 (800x534)Taroko National Park was the highlight of my trip to Taiwan. Sure, I enjoyed trying snake blood at the night markets in Taipei, but the mountains in the National Park gave me a feeling I couldn’t get from trying unusual foods: purity.

P1040338_edited-1 (534x800)I felt so grateful when looking at the untouched mountains, composed of rocks that look like marble countertops you would find in a newly renovated kitchen.What makes these narrow marble canyons even more magnificent was the sight of light blue water flowing between them and the lush green mountains in the background.

Taroko National Park is also known for waterfalls that are near brightly coloured temples. With the sound of water flowing and nature working around the clock, you can’t help but feel like you are becoming a better person just by simply being there. It was like a natural detox.

P1040349_edited-1 (800x534)If you are interested in visiting the National Park, it is important to note that tourists are not allowed to explore the National Park unless they have registered in advance for a hike or they are on a guided tour. Although technically we were being guided, we were allowed to explore the temples, gorges, and glorious views in peace.

P1040384_edited-1 (800x534)After you spend a day at the Taoko Gorge, head to a nearby beach (we went to Hualien Beach) to be amazed by the view. Looking at the ocean, I really thought that I was back in Australia. The fine white sand on my feet, the wind in my air, the baby blue water, and the mountains in the background gave me a sense of renewal. Who knew Taiwan was so beautiful? Now you do.

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