Our Summer Wine Picks from Prince Edward County, Ontario

IMG_5152 (800x600)Prince Edward County is Ontario’s fastest-growing wine region, with close to 40 wineries and new ones popping up every year. The limestone-rich soils of Prince Edward County produce wines with a distinct flavour, seeped in nutrients and minerals that the grapes absorb during growth.

If you’re looking for a wine getaway this summer, check out the tasting experience in Prince Edward County. You can sip award-winning wines overlooking lush vineyards, or relax on the patio. With tasting rooms in rustic old barns, wine tours, and even grape-picking experiences, wine in Prince Edward County never gets boring. Here are our top summer wine picks from Prince Edward County:

Photo credit: Sandbanks Estate Winery

Photo credit: Sandbanks Estate Winery

Sandbanks Estate Winery Baco Noir VQA ($14.95)

We gave this red wine full marks for its intense plum and wild cherry flavours. After one sip, my mouth was alive with hints of chocolate, toasted oak, and sweet fruit, splashing warmth throughout my body. Pair this bottle with gourmet hamburgers for the ultimate combo.

Where to buy: LCBO or Sandbanks’ website


Photo credit: Closson Chase & Lisa Jackson

Closson Chase 2010 CCV Pinot Noir ($39.95) and 2010 Kocsis Chardonnay ($34.95)

For a splurge, go with one of these bottles from Closson Chase. The Chardonnay is rich and sensuous, with a twist of grilled pineapple, white peach, and brioche dipped in cream. The Pinot Noir will soak your tongue in cherries and dark berries, with a wisp of beetroot and white pepper near the finish. The best part? It tastes like both the red & white have been smoked on cedar, leaving a sharp toasted flavour in the mouth. I haven’t quite experienced a wine as smoky as these two. As one of our judges said, “That was an amazing experience.”

Where to buy: LCBO or Closson Chase’s website

Photo credit: Sandbanks Estate Winery & Lisa Jackson

Photo credit: Sandbanks Estate Winery & Lisa Jackson

Sandbanks Estate Winery Love Cassis Aperitivo (2) 2011 ($14.95)

Sandbanks’ Love won our hearts for its blend of white wine and organic cassis – a liqueur made from blackcurrants. The berries are sourced from the region of Île d’Orléans in Quebec, and add a pinky hue and delicate sweetness to the wine. It’s light, fun, and refreshing – perfect as a summer drink or as an aperitif at a decent price point. After a single glass, one of our judges bought an entire case of this wine. Could it be love at first taste? 

Where to buy: LCBO or Sandbanks’ website

To get a closer look at Prince Edward County’s wine tours and events, check out the PEC Winegrower’s Association website.

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