Around the World in 9 Dining Experiences: Discovery Dining at Sandals La Source Grenada

Sandals LaSource Grenada

What makes a vacation great? Well that’s a matter of taste. But no matter what you’re into any trip that falls short in the culinary department leaves the bad taste in your mouth. No one wants a bad glass of wine and after a day on slopes or cardboard burger and yuck-sauce beer after a grueling hike. For ocean lovers, a beautiful beach is important but bad food is a real buzz-kill. And at Sandals LaSource, Grenada, they know that amazing meals are the magic ingredient that transforms a great vacation into a wonderful memory.

Sandals Discovery Dining at Cucina Romana

Flavourful Italian and Robust Wines at Sandals LaSource

Discovery Dining: A Chef’s Labour of Love

What happens when you lock 32 world-class Chefs, Mixologists and Service Industry Specialists in a room together? For Sandals, the outcome of just such an experiment was Discovery Dining—a new, full sensory food experience. These talented tastemakers were led by internationally acclaimed Chef and culinary historian, Chef Walter Staib, who is also Sandals’ Culinary Ambassador (yes that is a thing). For Chef Staib, Discovery Dining is all about harnessing the natural flavours of each ingredient to create simple, elegant food that is well thought out and perfectly prepared.

This all-inclusive Model UN for your mouth and has brought in representatives (Chefs) with expertise and origins in all four corners of the earth. In other words, this joint has nine different restaurants featuring authentic cuisine from around the world and offering the atmosphere styling to make you believe you just might be in France, Japan or even Italy.

Around the World in Nine Dining Experiences

Signature Cocktails and a Dragon Fire on the Grill at Sandals Resorts

Teppanyaki performance in full swing at Sandals LaSource

At Sandals LaSource guests have major food options: Wood stone Pizza, Sushi, Tappanaki, Mediterranean and a boss Steakhouse. In addition to offering atmosphere, spectacular service and beautiful settings, each restaurant features a signature cocktail that captures the essence of its cuisine and fuels its ambiance. Although each of the nine restaurants are within walking distance to each other, the experience can range from intimate French dining to raucous flame throwing teppanyaki.

The Best of the Best In…


Sandals LaSource Grenada

First off, the service is aces on every inch of this place. You never wait; the staff don’t sweat a thing, miss a beat or leave your glass empty. They know what’s what on the menu and at the bar. Got dietary restrictions? They’re ready for you. Vegan? Ditto.

But if I had to pick a winner it would be Butch’s Chophouse. It’s a combination of dimmed lights, red wine, perfectly grilled steak, fresh seafood and “oh my god this is good”, talking with your mouth full. Our server was warm, knowledgeable and genuinely wanted us to enjoy ourselves. There’s a reason Butch’s Chophouse won the 2014 Five Star Diamond Award.


Sandals Discovery Dining at Spices Restaurant at Sandals LaSource

Sandals Discovery Dining at Spices Restaurant at Sandals LaSource

Each dining experience is carefully curated to be comfortable and stylish. For me the colours, wood ceilings and outdoor space at Spices Restaurant were the best. I love the sea inspired palette, cozy table settings and access to outdoors. You get views of the grounds and ocean while a warm sea breeze hits you in the face. They will bring you endless Mimosas at breakfast.


Full disclosure: I love sushi. It’s hard to believe that amazing sushi can be found in the Caribbean but it’s true. If I were only allowed to eat at one place it would be Soy in the Pink Gin Village. The sashimi was fresh, the rolls were perfect and the sake infused cocktails were surprising and delicious. The Sake Sidecar and savoury tempura had me coming back to Soy on the daily.

Sushi, Sashimi and Sake SideCar at Sandals LaSource

Sandals LaSource in Grenada has itself sorted. The team has put the time and energy in to creating a seamlessly cohesive experience to delight and surprise each of your senses. And the food is the catalyst that takes it all to the next level.

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The writer was a guest of Sandals La Source Grenada Resort & Spa. The hotel did not review or approve this article.


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