Summer Wine Series: Loveblock from New Zealand

IMG_3653It’s that time of year again. Time to head back to the New Zealand Winegrowers show! This year I attended New Zealand in a Glass Ottawa, at the beautiful Museum of Nature to see what the Kiwis and their temperate climate had in store.

Now, this show is for stockists and distributors (no plebeians allowed) and I got the straight goods on what’s great. But of all the wines I tasted there’s one I loved above the rest: a Sauvignon Blanc from LOVEBLOCK. And it’s our wine of the week for part two of EDT’s summer wine series. To find out why, continue reading.

Do What You Love

IMG_3661Owned and operated by veteran wine producers (and married people) Erica and Kim, LOVEBLOCK’s vineyards sit high on the hills above Marlborough’s Awatere Valley in New Zealand. After falling in love with the view the pair snatched up the untamed bit of earth in 2004 and took up the challenge of farming on the unique land. The soil here is moist and fit for growing premium aromatic whites like Pinot Gris and Sauvignon Blanc. A Southern Latitude delivering up to 18 hours of sunrays beating down on vines positioned to receive them.

The Sauvignon Blanc has a smooth citrusy taste with light hints of peach. The inherent minerality of the land means you get a clean, lengthy finish right after a little knock of acidity. This is a full and luscious wine that is perfectly wonderful all on its own, thank you very much.

No ‘Anythings’ Were Harmed in the Making of This Wine

LOVEBLOCK wines are made at the intersection of savvy cultivation and environmental sustainability. Unlike others, this vineyard goes above and beyond with their dedication to bio-dynamic agriculture and environmental protection. IMG_3651

Now, I don’t want to kill your buzz with details about the earth but LOVEBLOCK is 100% chemical and pesticide free and they also have a soul. Believing they are the custodians of their land Kim and Erica live by their triple bottom line (Profit People Place), meaning business, human resources and the health of the land hold equal weight. Holistic, delicious and guilt free!

 Where to Buy:

The 2013 is hitting LCBOs in June and will retail for $24.95. If you simply can’t wait, try the 2012 Sauvignon Blanc for $29.95

IMG_3659Where to Enjoy: 

In Ontario it is illegal to drink in public. I do not suggest taking a bucket of ice, two glasses and a bottle of LOVEBLOCK Sauvignon Blanc on a picnic with your friends.

To learn more about LOVEBLOCK Wines or their growing practices visit their Website.

For more information about New Zealand Winegrowers including upcoming events and available wines, visit their Website.

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