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Checking In: Au Vaillantbourg B&B in Quebec’s Eastern Townships

As a long time traveller to far-flung places, I’ve had few occasions to stay in a proper bed-and-breakfast. Tents, cabins and the homes of welcoming locals are all forms of shelter used by those of us who wander the lonely edges of the world. Traditional B&B’s, especially those of the Little House on the Prairie variety, seldom materialize on such journeys.

But on a recent foray into the overgrown fringes of Quebec’s Eastern townships, I stumbled upon one. And it was hard to avert my gaze from Au Vaillantbourg B&B. Continue Reading →

Churchill Manitoba

Canada’s Arctic Edge: Life in Churchill, Manitoba

Every summer about 3,000 belugas whales enter the Churchill River, which flows out of northern Manitoba, Canada, and into Hudson Bay. Churchill is Canada’s principal Arctic-area seaport, located on the western shore of Hudson Bay.

This sub-Arctic hamlet, in which no road leads in or out, has a population of just 1,000 souls. It bills itself as both the beluga whale and polar bear capital of the world. If that isn’t enough, it’s also a self-described birdwatching paradise and the best place on the planet to view the aurora borealis, better known as the northern lights. Continue Reading →