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Christmas Gifts For Travellers That Don’t Suck

Travellers are some of the fussiest mofos on earth, and it takes a lot to impress them. They’ve just seen and done so much. They don’t need material things, right? Insert eye rolling here!

Worry not, friends! Don’t waste your precious time roaming the malls. Here are a few Christmas gifts for travellers that don’t suck:
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Fairmont Montreal Style Bagels

Bete’avon! Jewish Specialty Eats in Montreal’s Mile End

Montreal’s Mile End and neighboring Le Plateau-Mont-Royal appear consistently on lists celebrating the hippest neighborhoods in North America. The food, drink, music, and art can’t be beat and the street life lasts all day and night.

But it wasn’t always this way. Before gentrification transformed the neighborhood, Mile End was home to a hard-working immigrant community. Until the 1960s, it was Canada’s largest Jewish quarter, a world immortalized by Mordecai Richler, where the teeming streets reverberated with the old-world sounds of Yiddish. In those days, scores of delicatessens and lunch counters fed the people who worked there. The food was similar to what could be found in the other North American, Jewish neighborhoods but Montreal was developing a food culture all its own. And the taste of days gone by remains in the neighborhood to this day. Continue Reading →

Toronto Beer Week

Win 2 Tickets for A Craft Beer Tasting at Toronto Beer Week!

It’s Toronto Beer Week on September 11-20! We’re giving away 2 tickets to a craft beer tasting at the Berkeley Church on September 11th.

If you’re a craft beer lover who appreciates the time and effort that goes into creating the perfect brew, this experience is for you. Sample craft beers and snack on appetizers at the Berkeley Church. From craft beers to boutique beers, cooking with beer and beer cocktails this is the Ultimate Beer Experience.

Enter to win here!
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Two Great Canadian Cocktails for the Summer Patio

Since Canada is our homeland and all, here two new cocktails that embrace the Great Canadian palate…but blended with Luksusowa Vodka, a Polish spirit. This was my first time trying Luksusowa, which is triple distilled and made with artisanal water. It differs from the traditional counterparts by containing specially-cultivated potatoes and it is one of … Continue Reading →

greenpoint - vegan lasagna

Vegging Out in Cusco, Peru

South Peru is best known as being the basecamp for those visiting Machu Picchu or embarking on a trek on the infamous Inca Trail. For the veggie traveller who dreams of seeing these sacred ruins up close and personal, there is no need to go hungry. Cusco is an incredibly veggie-friendly city with many of … Continue Reading →

KLM airlines world business class interior (Photo credit: Designboom)

How to Upgrade to First Class on KLM (Without Spending a Fortune)

When I checked in online for my overnight flight to Amsterdam, a message suddenly popped up on my computer screen. “Would you like to upgrade to World Business Class for $300?” Um, yes please. I decided to take advantage of an upgrade option to World Business Class on KLM. For less than $300, I experienced comfort and luxury at its finest. The … Continue Reading →